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Residential Window Cleaning

You can choose a regular clean based on 4, 6 or 8 week interval. Longer intervals than these are classed as occassional cleans. One-off and occassional cleans have an increased price to take into account the extra time taken to complete the work.

These are our current minimum charges. (correct 01/11/11)

- 4, 6 and 8 weekly regular window cleans - from £15.00

- Occasional and One-off window cleans - from £25.00

Customers who wish to change from a regular clean to occasional will be charged accordingly. Customers who ask to not have the clean done when it becomes due may incur an extra charge on the next clean.

To clean the windows on the inside of a house/building the price is generally the same as the outside price. We ask that there is clear access to all the windows and that all sills have been cleared. Extra charges will apply to internal glass such as glazed room doors.

Other services :

- Conservatory roof cleans - from £25.00.

- uPVC fascia, soffit and gutter cleans - from £50.00

- Solar Panel cleans - from £25.00

Because there are so many things that can make the time taken to clean each window different, whether it be size, type, condition, height, etc use of traditional method or water fed pole, access to property - it is not possible to give a firm price on a house/building without viewing first. We do not price per window but on time taken to complete the work. We will arrange a visit and give a free quotation on every enquiry within our trading area that is received.

We probably will not be the cheapest window cleaning service you could find, but we will endeavour to do the best job and be the most reliable. We can provide references from existing customers if you require.